From Strategy to Success: A 6-Fold Increase in Sales and 280% Profit Growth in the Home and Kitchen Category on Amazon


  • High Market Competition: The market was highly competitive with many well-established players already dominating the space.
  • Unique Product with Above-Average Pricing: While the product was unique, its price point was above the market average, posing a challenge in attracting cost-conscious consumers.
  • Emergence of Low-Cost Competitors: The market saw the arrival of low-cost competitors who introduced similar products at lower prices, thereby increasing competitive pressure.
  • Overstock Issues and the Need for Rapid Sales: The company faced overstock issues, necessitating the quick liquidation of excess inventory to avoid additional storage fees.
Tasked with maximizing sales outcomes for a client in the competitive kitchen and dining category on Amazon, our agency took on the challenge of not just standing out, but achieving sustainable sales growth and brand recognition. Known for its competitive nature, the kitchen accessories space demanded a strategy that would differentiate and yield consistent growth.
Leveraging our expertise in PPC advertising and a deep understanding of the Amazon marketplace, we crafted a multifaceted approach that aimed to not only capture immediate sales but also build a long-term loyal customer base for our client's unique kitchen and dining products.
Overall, sales have increased by 8.3 times over the year, and profit has grown by 477%.
Strategies and Implementation:

  1. Advertising Campaign Audit: We commenced with a thorough audit of all existing campaigns to pinpoint growth and development opportunities. This allowed us to understand the landscape and formulate a robust strategy.
  2. Campaign Restructuring: We created a more controlled campaign structure by segregating high-frequency keywords into individual campaigns and expanding our efforts with the inclusion of previously clustered low-frequency keywords.
  3. Expanded Targeting: Our approach included broadening our targeting to encompass competitor's ASINs, our ASINs, and specific categories to capture a wider audience.
  4. Enhanced Campaign Types: We leveraged video campaigns and Product Collections, aligning them with our keyword strategy to maximize coverage across search results. Sponsored Display ads were also utilized for competitor's ASINs, categories, and our own ASINs.
  5. Variation Optimization: After reviewing advertised variations, we focused on those with the best CTR and conversion rates, optimizing our advertising spend.
  6. Creative Development: In collaboration with the client, we focused on creating compelling advertising creatives that significantly improved average CTR and conversion rates.
  7. Promotional Tactics: We employed a variety of promotional strategies, including coupons and lightning deals, to stimulate sales during specific periods.
  8. Listing and Content Enhancement: The client improved the listing content and titles, which synergistically increased the overall conversion rate on the listing.
Through strategic PPC campaign management, targeted advertising, and promotional tactics, Unitix Advertising Agency not only navigated through a highly competitive market but also achieved sustainable sales growth and enhanced brand recognition for our client. This case study underscores the importance of a multi-faceted approach to digital marketing on Amazon, demonstrating that with the right strategies, even products facing stiff competition and market challenges can achieve outstanding success.

As a result, by the end of January:
  • The overstock problem was mostly resolved
  • We received and continue to receive the Best Seller badge
  • Increased sales by 6 times
  • Captured 24.5% of the market in our category over the year
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