Meet our team

Working with us is like getting a first-class e-commerce division with a high level of expertise at Amazon to lead and promote your product
  • Alex Tkach CEO & Co-Founder Unitix
    Alex Tkach
    CEO & Co-Founder
  • Evgeniy Nekoz Co-Founder Unitix
    Evgeniy Nekoz
  • Sergey Priymak Co-Founder Unitix
    Sergey Priymak
  • Mariya Tkach
    Head of Marketing and Growth
  • Karina Kovalenko Unitix Account Manager
    Vlad Liasota
    Team Lead of Business Development
  • Rostyslav Dubil
    Team Lead PPC
  • Sergey Khishchenko Unitix PPC manager
    Sergey Khishchenko
    Team Lead (external traffic)
  • Denis Maximovich Unitix PPC manager
    Denis Maximovich
    Amazon PPC Senior
  • Oleh Kharchenko Unitix PPC manager
    Oleh Kharchenko
    Amazon PPC Senior
  • Ivan Dybrovskii Unitix PPC manager
    Viktoriia Lushchyk
    Amazon PPC Senior
  • Viktoriia Kostenko Unitix PPC manager
    Viktoriia Kostenko
    Amazon PPC Middle
  • Viktoriia Moroz Unitix PPC manager
    Viktoriia Moroz
    Amazon PPC Middle
  • Andrii Varvaruk Unitix PPC manager
    Vadim Martsev
    Amazon PPC Junior
  • Andrii Varvaruk Unitix PPC manager
    Kirill Koval
    Amazon PPC Junior
  • Veronika Bohaluch Unitix HR manager
    Veronika Bohaluch
    HR manager