What is the difference between campaign setup and optimization?
At the setup stage, we create Amazon PPC campaigns based on keyword research. Making optimization we adjust campaigns based on their current performance by analyzing the reports and taking necessary actions to achieve good ACoS  figures.
Can you lower my ACoS?
Yes! We will optimize campaigns by removing, non-working keywords, adjusting bids, applying negative keywords, etc.  It will definitely reduce your current ACoS.
You can be assured We will optimise PPC towards the lowest ACoS your product could get.
Can you increase my sales?
Yes definitely! By making your campaigns more efficient your budget will go further and create more sales. But also we can target more sales generating keywords
What about the budget?
It all depends on the goals of the project and the advertising. We will analyze which ads will help meet your goal and calculate a recommended budget based on testing. The budget will be based on conversions, CTR, CPC, and how much traffic Amazon will give you.
Do I have any guarantees?
We can guarantee the quality of the traffic we will direct to your listing. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee the number of sales and requests, because there are internal and external factors that I cannot influence. For example, competition in your category, quality of photo content, price, etc. But we will do our best to achieve the goals that you set at the beginning of the work.
Can we run ads for all products simultaneously on all Marketplaces?
Yes, it is possible. It is important to understand that advertising everything and everywhere requires a large budget. We recommend that you start with the products that are the best selling and have the best sales results. This way you get your first return on investment, make sure that my approaches are correct, and then I can scale the result.

Is it possible to look at competitors' advertising campaigns and do the same?
Amazon is very careful with its data, so without access to the advertising cabinet, we can't know the exact results of other people's campaigns. It is important to remember that the story of any ASIN is different, and what worked for one product will not necessarily work for another. Our goal is to find and bring the cheapest and most relevant traffic to your listing as quickly as possible and ensure maximum profitability.
Will I have access to the advertising account?
Yes, we do all of our work in your personal account, which you always have access to. You allow to us the access to manage your ads in order to have complete control over your campaigns.
Do you only work with Amazon PPC? What if I need another channel?
Our main specialization is Amazon PPC, but we also work with other traffic channels. To scale sales and to boost organics more quickly
we configure advertising from external sources (Google, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Bing).

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