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Niche - Baby product
Our client is a family-owned business from America, the parents of 3 girls and 1 boy. As active parents themselves, they were inspired by the idea of putting together high-quality children's outdoor products under one roof to serve the parenting community. In 2009, when their first daughter was 18 months old, the idea to produce their own branded products was born.

In 2014, they opened their first physical store. This step allowed them to expand, and they now offer a wide selection of strollers, car seats, strollers, travel gear, feeding and nursing products, furniture, health and safety products, toys, and children's clothing.

In 2020, our customers decided they wanted to sell on Amazon. Keep in mind that sellers of children's products face strong competition from well-known brands and Amazon's own brands. Successful products tend to rely heavily on branding to gain consumers' trust and reassure them that their children are in good hands.

For parents, one of their top priorities is to protect their baby and his comfort, which is why they go to Amazon in search of a solution.

Our clients understood that boosting his Amazon sales ranking was all about making the best use of contextual advertising, but they were too busy actually running their business to learn the intricacies of creating and maintaining a profitable Amazon advertising strategy.
To achieve the goal of increased profitability, our client will need not only an ACoS figure below 50% but also the ability to ensure keyword dominance. After all, child care is an incredibly specific niche, and only a few keywords can build or destroy the business.

After trying Amazon and failing to experiment, our clients turned to Unitix for help in developing a strong Amazon PPC strategy. 

We recommended and implemented deep keyword research and optimization, increasing the number of ad types, using sponsored brand advertising, and testing dynamic bid assignment options to increase visibility, increase conversion rates and reduce ACoS.

Optimized Amazon PPC Ad Targeting Lashes Connect with Their Ideal Customers





After becoming a Unitix partner, our partner was thrilled to see a significant increase in profitability due to a decrease in ACoS from 70% to 23% in the first few months of 2021. Organic rankings for recommended keywords and overall sales were also improved.

This meant that the owner did not have to stop releasing his product now, but he steadily increased sales and income by thousands of dollars each month!

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