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Niche - Health and household
Our client is a manufacturer of first aid products. Every home, office, or car should have a first aid kit that contains products of first aid.

Providing first aid to an injured person requires speed, certain medical knowledge, and quality improvised means to save the health and in many cases the life of the person.
Apartment, office, industrial building, camping - wherever there may be a situation in which you need first aid tools, so they should always have a certain set of them available.

First aid items are necessary, to perform a number of medical procedures to preserve the health and life of the injured person. In case of an accident that results in any kind of injury.

The brand of first aid products was well sold in the U.S. and Europe, generating a turnover of $250,000 per month. The company offers an incredible range of all kinds of first aid products ( plasters, bandages, syringes, wipes) The company reached out to Unitix for assistance in developing its Amazon FBA business.

Unitix began by looking for opportunities to increase profits. Creative upgrades and rebuilding the company's PPC initiatives were critical factors in scaling sales with a multichannel model that offered many opportunities for competitive advantage. By optimizing advertising and opening up new sources of traffic, we began to speed up business growth.

During the coronavirus crisis, our customer sold out their inventory too quickly as first aid products were in great demand outside of Amazon as well. So we focused on mid-level products to increase revenue.

With the goal of increasing ad sales by 50% and reducing ACoS to a level less than 25% in 12 months, our client knew they needed help with keyword optimization and targeted ad campaigns, so they decided to work with the Amazon specialists from Unitix.
We started working on keyword optimization, introducing new ad types, and improving ad targeting, as well as setting this partner up with virtual aggregation and sponsored media advertising. They could sit back and watch their sales skyrocket and their ad spend go down tremendously.

We had a combination of internal traffic coming from Amazon PPC and external traffic coming from Facebook, Google ads.
We worked with this partner to create cutting-edge ad campaigns on Amazon that brought them the highest ad sales they had ever seen. And we met their annual goal of increasing sales and dropping ACoS in just 90 days.

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