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The real case

Niche - Patio, Lawn & Garden
Our client is a direct-to-consumer company that offers high-quality garden products. They mainly sell on the Amazon marketplace and run most of their business during the warm season in Europe. Having earned a solid reputation as a manufacturer of eco-friendly home decor, the brand sells well on Amazon. However, the company has had trouble attracting new customers. Unitix helped to attract new customers and increase brand awareness.

Because of the seasonal nature, our client wanted to build on their existing successes and discover new growth opportunities by exploring new channels and marketing strategies. The company's main focus was to expand its brand in order to better reflect the quality of the products it sells.

The goal
To have a successful seasonal business, you need the right customer-focused assets. The right design elements and text help create an emotional connection with the product for potential customers.

Unitix's guiding principle is to create a customized work plan for each customer. Our experts investigated the company's existing sales strategy to determine its position with respect to the main components of Amazon's retail success.
PPC Campaigns
Our client sells cozy garden products to their consumers. However, it is difficult to transmit that message on Amazon. Contextual advertising is a great way to increase product exposition and sales.
We managed this client's account and within two weeks we demonstrated a significant decrease in ACoS and an increase in sales velocity. Prior to our management, the account had a very unstable ACoS in the range of 75% to 150%, which was extremely unprofitable for them. They also had a very low sales velocity, which also greatly impacted their organic ranking. By applying the right methods, we were able to lower their ACoS to an average of 30% in an extremely competitive category and increase and maintain a high sales rate.

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