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Niche - Beauty & Personal Care
Our client is an iconic brand of skincare and decorative cosmetics, which is widely known and appreciated for the quality of its products. The brand is very popular among celebrities, who fell in love with it because it allows them to create extraordinary images. 

Often it is difficult for companies that have not worked on Amazon before to manage and organize their business strategy correctly so that advertising budgets would not be terrible. Initially, our client was planning to set up their own department of PPC Ads management on Amazon, but they faced a lot of difficulties in finding professionals and setting up all the processes.

Today, it's not enough to understand your customers' intentions; you need to know their needs well in advance. This principle helped us build an effective PPC strategy. Only a deep analysis of key queries and analysis of accompanying products helped us increase sales and achieve stunning success.

Today, before making a purchase, customers spend a long time reading reviews and comparing features. Little things that were rarely paid attention to before, such as the composition of cosmetics, are important. To better understand customers, we've learned to anticipate their desires.

Our customers are telling us their preferences themselves because it helps us offer them relevant products. The more data we have, the better we understand the needs of the audience. 
Because of this, automatically setting up an advertising campaign is a bad solution for cosmetic products. In such niches you need flexibility and constant control, it is very important not to miss the point of purchase, understand the needs of customers and convert it all into good sales.

How did we get started?
1. We did a detailed analysis of the niche and developed a strategy, the ultimate goal of which was to get Bestseller.
We began using sponsored product campaigns targeting branded keywords, which allowed us to attract customers at the buying stage at the bottom of the marketing funnel.
The campaigns started working at the same time to increase the popularity of premium products, which helped increase the return on investment in advertising.

2. We did keyword analysis, which was related to contract product lines and products. We fully immersed ourselves in the process for us to understand our consumers, to build buying scenarios and decision-making processes. We took those individual words out into different campaigns for the sponsored products.

3. For a cosmetic brand the quality of the listing and photos is very important, we did all the necessary work. Recommended the best options for photos, improved the quality of texts, added keywords, expanded the semantics.
Launch of sales and taking leading positions
In order to achieve our goals we did some deep work, we considered each product as a unique unit, it was important for us not to miss the very grain that would allow us to build a successful brand on Amazon. We thought through different goals, budgets, content, and advertising campaigns for each. This allowed us to attract more shoppers browsing for similar products.
Results, Accomplishments.
In February 2019, their ad sales were about $212,000 with an average ACoS of 30.27%. By January 2020, their ad sales had grown to over $900,000 with an ACoS of 21%. Within a short period of time, advertising and organic sales began to increase while ACoS began to decline. Our use of detailed monitoring of optimization has quickly increased their profitability and increased their sales.
This not only increased sales but also raised the ranking of the best products in organic sales.
We reached the target ACoS in a short period of time and have kept it for over a year.
In the long run, we quadrupled the sales. Through this process, our client has learned how important Amazon PPC is, not only to drive ad sales but also to increase overall organic sales. We continue to manage Amazon PPC for this product and help continually see the impact it has.
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Through the management of Unitix, our client is moving more and more toward their mission of helping their consumers be special every day!

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