Sports and outdoors Case Unitix Study

The real case
What’s happening in the niche?

Some time ago, at the launch of the product, we began to be drowned out with the same-type, simple negativity. No one was working hard on the reviews, they just switched the words around.
We had a very good listing and strong start so we grew sales quite quickly, and this competitor started to flood our listing with bad reviews, which we didn’t expect.
How to keep up?

We realized that there was the listing of a competitor - with lots of good reviews and all the other listings with a high percentage of negative reviews.

That means there was an affiliated network of either bayer accounts or a big contractor, so he was flooding the whole niche with these dislikes and bad reviews.

Use the Keepa - come to the very first review, and if you see the uneven rhythm of review growth on the listing, and look at what was written - you may understand if this is unusual or normal pace.

It is worth paying attention to the dynamic of the reviews gained by your competitors and the percentage of conversion of sales into reviews.
There are typically 10% of conversion from the sales to reviews.
If the conversion from sales to reviews is of 30-40% - this percentage is too high to be realistic…

It is important to evaluate uncompetitive actions in the niche before the set-up.
After you put the money into set-up - you can’t get the refund if you fail. It doesn’t matter if it was your mistake or someone helped you to fail.

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