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Niche - Clothing, Shoes & Jewelry
Our client is a brand whose collections reflect the latest fashion trends, combining classic design with original and trendy fashion offerings. It is inspired by the multiculturalism of the great metropolises of Europe and America, as well as the everyday urban realities of Tokyo or Seoul.

Each of the clothing and footwear lines is focused on different groups of customers with different lifestyles, ways of self-expression, and different needs.
We fully understand that there are an incredible number of clothing options on Amazon, which makes it very difficult for the consumer to come up with a choice.

We only work with brands that we ourselves believe in. We are happy to see our customers grow and succeed on Amazon.

The Amazon Fashion section is a whole world of sellers who try to be original, fresh, and always stay in trend.

Looking to optimize its business on Amazon, the company reached out to Unitix for help.

Our client was working with a huge list of products, and they had been missing a strategy when it came to targeting and marketing to consumers. The brand's extremely long product list was greatly reduced, allowing them to focus on their most successful products and give them the advertising support that allowed them to truly thrive.
The Unitix task was to efficiently organize and monitor 10,000 articles with over 300 campaigns. Each had 5 product types, and each of those product types came in many forms. There could have been 400 different shirts and sweatshirts and shoes at any time.

The huge number of products meant that the traditional approach of adding campaigns and optimization along the way was ineffective and led to keywords being ignored. This, in turn, would lead to a dramatic increase in cost and a negative payback on the dollars invested.
Unitix solved this problem by creating separate portfolios for each clothing line to place all of their relevant targeted advertising campaigns. Then we revised our targeting and product separation strategy.

Each group of ads contained keywords that we tested and those which we knew could convert at a high rate.

First, Unitix focused on the brand's sponsored product campaigns, analyzing existing keywords along with all available information and effectiveness metrics.

Our team then looked at the brand's top-selling products and researched related keywords to generate a list that was polished with Amazon brand analytics and our own software. Finally, we checked the relevance of the selected keywords for each product.

Optimized Amazon PPC Ad Targeting Lashes Connect with Their Ideal Customers





The restructured and re-implemented PPC campaign strategy produced positive results. This means that we can redirect money from less active product types to get more sales without exceeding the pre-set budget.

We were able to reduce ACoS by 30% across all campaigns and achieve an overall ACoS of 23%. In addition, we were able to increase weekly revenue by an average of 40%.

90% of our clients get better ACOS with our PPC management
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90% of our clients get better ACOS with our PPC management
Let’s talk about your project
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