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The real case

Niche - Office Products
This year we started working with a brand that sells in the Office Products niche.
Our client asked to help with PPC. He had already quickly developed a strong business on Amazon. What he lacked was the structure and established standard operating procedures. They also knew that contextual advertising could be greatly improved.
Our client was working with a huge list of office products, and they had no strategy when it came to targeting and marketing to their consumers. The brand's extremely long product list was greatly reduced, allowing them to focus on their most successful products and give them the advertising support that allowed them to truly thrive.
With hundreds of articles, our client couldn't organize it all. Different products were bundled into the same campaigns with all three types of matches: broad keywords, phrases, and exact matches. Because of this, her ad spending began to spiral out of control quickly, while her sales remained flat.

They didn't take advantage of many of Amazon's powerful ad types, such as sponsored brand advertising (SBA). Amazon SBA attracts customers when they actively shop on Amazon. They click on your brand logo and they're taken to your store or custom landing page. And the nicest part: ads are paid per click, which means you only pay when a customer clicks on your ad.
Also, our client's own team overlooked product-targeted ads, which allowed them to customize the display of Amazon ads on other merchants' ASIN pages and in search results by category. You can refine your campaign by price range, star rating, etc.
The key to a seller's approach is to create a customized plan for each client.
We immediately set to work to increase its sales and reduce ACoS, starting with the organization of the campaigns. We developed a structure for all products to get more control over the spending for each product group and eliminate unnecessary spending on advertising.
We analyzed listings and competitors to run the most relevant common keywords, phrases and exact matches.
We used a combination of internal traffic coming from Amazon PPC and external traffic coming from Facebook. With Facebook's targeting advertising strategy, we were able to get great results.
After two months of hard work, sales have doubled from 100k/month to 200k/month, and ACoS has dropped from an average of 35% to 26%.

90% of our clients get better ACOS with our PPC management
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