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What is external traffic for Amazon sellers?

When we talk about Amazon, external traffic is any traffic (visitors, links, audience, outreach) that comes from anywhere other than the Amazon platform: organic search, PPC advertising, and more.
When we talk about Amazon, external traffic is any traffic (visitors, links, audience, outreach) that comes from anywhere other than the Amazon platform: organic search, PPC advertising, and more. External traffic can come from sources such as email, social media (Instagram or Twitter), a personal website, search engines (Google and Bing), video hosts (YouTube or TikTok), other websites (news portals, blogs), even links embedded in PDF files or other documents.
External traffic sources can be fee-based or free. For example, traffic from organic searches like Google and Bing is free. Examples of paid sources are traffic from advertising links on Google, display ads on other websites, and targeted ads on Facebook or LinkedIn.
Why use external traffic to help selling on Amazon?
First and foremost, it's essential for sales growth. Any e-commerce business, whether you're selling a service or product, running a blog or an affiliate website, relies on external traffic to grow.
 By getting better search results on Google or through paid advertising, you'll get more people going where you want them to go, in this case to your listings on Amazon. The more traffic you have, the better your chances of selling your product.

The main advantage of external traffic on Amazon is that Amazon counts external traffic with a higher coefficient. This helps improve your ranking on Amazon, since organic traffic is always better than paid traffic.
The benefits of using external traffic.

1. Helps you outpace your competitors.
Every day the number of sellers on Amazon is growing and every one of those sellers is selling their products through Amazon Ads. There's no doubt that properly configured Amazon ads give amazing results, but what do you do if the competition is also too strong?
One of the most effective ways to make your products relevant and recognizable to potential customers is to use external tools such as blogs, social media, videos and search engines.

This helps bypass all the Amazon-sponsored product ads that are trying to steal your visibility on Amazon.

2. External traffic increases brand awareness. 

One of the best ways to survive on Amazon is to create and develop your own brand. A recognizable brand with its own attributes is what differentiates your products from the competitors.
External traffic is the best brand building tool. Amazon is very restrictive, it has strict rules for introducing business. External traffic allows you to be creative, communicate more with your audience, and create a unique style that people can remember.

3. Bringing in traffic and increasing sales

Instead of depending solely on Amazon, external traffic opens the door for you to take control of your sales. By mastering different ways to drive traffic to products on Amazon, you'll achieve successful launches, increase sales, and build long-term relationships with your customers. 

4. Increase your keyword ranking and BSR.

High traffic = increased sales.
External traffic is like a supplement to Amazon's organic traffic. Anything you would add to promote your ads is a bonus. 
Because the speed of sales is one of the decisive factors in Amazon's algorithm, it often leads to higher ratings. This, as well, raises your BSR.

What channels to use to generate external traffic on Amazon?
Google AdWords
The most popular search engine in the world - 57% of all users in the world.
- own key selection tool;
- a wide range of settings; 
- various advertising formats;
- Russo-language interface;
- low click price;
- no minimum budget.
- you need a detailed elaboration of the semantic core.
Yahoo Gemini
A platform that combines search, contextual, mobile, and native advertising. When registering, you can't choose Russia - choose any other country, otherwise, you won't be able to run ads.
- wide settings;
- low cost per click;
- minimum budget - $ 5;
- you can download the ready ads from your Google Adwords account.
- you need a detailed elaboration of the semantic core.
Bing Ads
The search engine is very popular in the U.S., Canada, France, England, and Australia. Bing has a worldwide audience of 63 million users. 54% of users are over 45 years old and earn more than $100,000 per family annually.
- own key matching tool;
- extensive settings;
- the ability to import ads from Google Adwords;
- ad showing time is adjusted to the time zone of the selected country;
- cheaper traffic than in GA.
- only 12 languages are available for targeting;
- only 35 countries are available for work.
A very efficient channel for fee-based traffic. You don't need advanced programming skills to effectively place ads - the powerful internal analytics and audience management system can do almost everything at your disposal.
- 7 advertising formats;
- 3 types of placements;
- Ads Manager is an assistant for beginners;
- 25$ credit.
- difficulty passing moderation for foreign markets, bans of advertising accounts for any rules violation.
All official targeting advertising on Instagram goes through Facebook. You don't even have to have an Instagram account, but a Facebook account and an official page for your business are required. Forbidden materials: drugs, tobacco, adult products, "before" and "after" images, etc. 
- rapid setup;
- flexible audience settings;
- full control of statistics;
- lookalike audience;
- Russo-language interface;
- minimal budget.
- non-standard photo and video format;
- setting up through a Facebook account.
A popular microblogging service. Audience - 330 million active accounts worldwide.
- high CTR and engagement levels;
- low competition;
- low cost.
- Russia isn't in the list of countries upon the registration, but there is Belarus and Ukraine;
- need careful preparation of the advertisement account;
- landing page should be adapted to mobile format.
Video hosting with powerful advertising capabilities and a very wide reach. Videos, banners, and text ads can be posted. YouTube is available in 73 countries and 61 languages.
- 5 types of advertising messages;
- low competition;
- low price;
- high-quality traffic.
- you need an account in Google Adwords;
- special requirements to promote offers.
Social Internet service, a photo hosting service that allows users to add images online and put them into thematic collections. The main audience is in the USA, UK, and India; 85% of the users are women.
- you can place active links;
- long life cycle of advertising pins;
- simple settings.
- its graphic requirements;
- long preparation period.
A social news site where users can post links to some information on the Internet. One of the most popular sites in the world - 6th most visited, with 54% of users being Americans. 
Can't be traded: dangerous products, fakes, hacking and fraudulent programs. You can sell gambling, financial offers, medicines, online games. More details here.
- flexible settings;
- targeting by devices;
- minimum budget - $ 5.
- moderation does not work on weekends;
- do not work in Ukraine (enter the U.S.).
Whether you use your own website, social media, email marketing, chatbots, or super-URLs, all of the methods described in this post and many others work to bring in external traffic.
 All of this external traffic will ultimately increase your organic search and ranking and is important for the growth of your business. Take the time to learn more about each platform and method in more detail and choose the one that best fits your time and budget.

Ivan Dybrovskii
Team Lead (external traffic) Unitix

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