What is the Amazon Choice Badge?

No other place offers as many product selections as Amazon
The choice problem
No other place offers as many product selections as Amazon. 
Many shoppers often find it difficult to make a choice; they either just choose the lowest price or don't buy at all. There are many variations of the same product on Amazon. Furthermore, several merchants may be selling the same product. 
The story of how it appeared

Amazon's Choice products first appeared on Amazon in 2015 with the debut of the Echo Dot. As Echo became more popular, more and more customers turned their inquiries to Alexa, the voice assistant of Echo. Unlike desktop shopping, it is difficult to browse and filter results with a voice search.

The percentage of U.S. households with voice assistant devices is growing every year. Voice commerce is a fast-growing trend; however, voice commerce brings a problem for customers - in filtering the results to get the right product.

Amazon needed a way to simplify voice shopping, so they introduced Amazon's Choice as a way to quickly match searches, by keyword, with the most relevant products. Today, the badge can be found on both mobile and desktop, besides the voice.

Echo Dot
Echo Dot


Amazon's Choice makes it easy to find products that other customers often choose for similar purchases.  Products marked as "Amazon Choice" are highly rated, well priced, and available for immediate shipping. Additionally, they ship faster and return less frequently, on average, than alternative products. Amazon's Choice highlights products that we think shoppers may like, and shoppers can always choose from the huge range of products available on Amazon.
How does Amazon Choice work

When a customer starts voice shopping, Alexa looks at the customer's previous orders to suggest the best products. This works fine when the customer has already shopped in that category, but Alexa needs a way to recommend products in categories in which the customer has not yet shopped.

Amazon Choice and Amazon Bestseller

Contrary to popular belief, Amazon Choice is not the same as the Bestseller badge.
Although both badges refer to high-quality products, Amazon's Choice is awarded for the best fit with a particular keyword. The Bestseller badge, on the other hand, is awarded to products that have sold the most units per hour in their category.

In other words, Amazon Choice is determined by search engine optimization, and the bestseller badge is determined by sales velocity.

Ideally, it's better to get both badges so they bring the most attention to your products.
As you can see in the photo, the first product got Amazon Choice because it best matches the query "huggies overnight size 3". The second is an Amazon Bestseller in the Baby category because it has the highest sales velocity.

How to get Amazon Choice

1.      Become entitled to Amazon Prime
By becoming entitled to participate in Prime, you'll get a lot more sales from Prime users. You'll be able to offer expedited shipping, increase your chances of winning a Buy Box, and increase your visibility in search. 

To be honest, it's pretty hard to earn Amazon's Choice without being allowed to participate in the Prime program.
You can qualify for Prime through Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) or Fulfillment by Merchant (FBM). The process varies depending on which path you choose.

When you join the FBA, your products are automatically considered for Prime enrollment.  No additional action is required other than tracking various vendor metrics and KPIs.

FBM vendors manage the logistics of the supply chain. Thus, Amazon makes them do extra work to make sure they meet Amazon's standards. 
If you do FBM, you will have to join a waiting list for Seller-Fulfilled Prime (SFP). Once Amazon puts you on the program, you will have a probation period. To pass the probation period, you have 90 days to complete 50 orders by meeting these requirements:

 - Send more than 99% of your orders on time
- Have a cancellation rate of less than 0.5%
- Offer your customers premium shipping options
- Use Amazon Buy Shipping Services for at least 99% of your orders.
- Deliver orders by Amazon-approved carriers
- Accept and follow Amazon's return and refund policy.
- Allow Amazon to handle customer service requests
- Show that you can fulfill orders with zero processing time

2. Use the right keywords
Using the right keywords is key to optimizing any listing on Amazon. But it's also even more important to get the Amazon's Choice badge. Your goal is to match your target customer's search as closely as possible.

Revise your lists and update your keywords. Make sure your title, markers, and description are filled with keywords but don't overfill them. Amazon can tell when the number of keywords is too high and can penalize you for having too many keywords.

3.Get Positive Reviews

Amazon is customer-focused, a large number of positive reviews also plays a role in getting an Amazon's Choice badge. Always ask your customers to leave feedback about your product and their experience. Always respond to customer feedback, especially negative ones. Show genuine concern for your negative reviewers and see how you can help to improve the situation. Sometimes they change their negative review to a positive one.

Make your products Amazon Choice

Many people care more about the bestseller badge, but as previously mentioned, statistics show that many people choose what Amazon recommends first. Either way, getting an Amazon's Choice badge will naturally lead to an improved presence on Amazon - higher search rankings, more customer reviews, more sales.

Alex Tkach
Alex Tkach
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