What is Amazon Vine?!

Our customers who are just entering Amazon often ask about Amazon Vine.
Amazon Vine is an internal Amazon.com service that allows manufacturers and publishers to get reviews of their products on Amazon.

Companies pay Amazon a commission and provide products for their reviews. The products then go to Amazon's reviewers, who must publish a review.
Products available for review include almost all types of items that are available for purchase on Amazon.  In exchange for the products received, participants must post a review within 30 days of delivery. Members are not allowed to sell or give away products received. 
Amazon Vine
Cost of Participation:

After the first Vine review is published there will be a $200 registration fee ( from October 12, 2021) once per each parent ASIN. No fee will be applied if the registered product does not receive any reviews within 90 days from the date of registration.

Requirements for participation in the program:

  • Registered brand.
  • There must be less than 30 reviews on the listing.
  • Merchandise must be on FBA in "New" condition.
  • Merchandise must not be in the adult product category
  • The listing must be active
  • Item must be in stock 
  • The listing must contain a description and photo

How to sign up for Amazon Vine:

You can access Vine in Seller Central (under Advertising, click on Amazon Vine) 


25% of reviews come within 5 days after ordering, while 99% of reviews come - within 35 days after ordering. (According to Amazon data).

The Vine program works independently on Amazon.com, Amazon.co.uk, Amazon.fr, Amazon.de, and Amazon.ca. Entry fee is applied in each country


Legal way to get reviews


The review you paid for can be negative. Reviewers got your product for free, and their "job," as they see it, is to leave an unbiased review. That means they are looking for reasons why they might like your product, but they are also looking for reasons why they might not like your product.

Alex Tkach
Alex Tkach
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