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What is the level of specialists in the Unitix agency?

Recently, when meeting with clients and partners, we are asked questions about our PPC specialists' level of training and the training format. In this post, we will try to answer all questions regarding our team and work process.

What is the level of specialists in the Unitix agency?

Currently, PPC specialists at the Middle and Senior levels work in our agency, which means that our specialists have at least one year of experience. They have passed Amazon and Google certifications and have expertise with the necessary programs.

How are PPC specialists trained?

We have built a knowledge base of all available PPC courses on the market. Also, we recorded our course, which includes our developments. We pay special attention to the courses that Amazon offers, and all specialists must confirm their knowledge, complete all training, and receive certificates.

We have developed a mentoring program. Each new employee is assigned a specialist with the Senior PPC Specialist level. Training and controlling a new specialist's work occur for two months.

We are developing a cross-training program to gain in-depth knowledge of Amazon. We attract the best specialists who share their knowledge and best practices with us. Any employee can get the ability he is interested in. We are very attentive not only to learning about PPC but also to the grocery part on Amazon.

Since most of the teaching material is in English, we have introduced compulsory English courses so that the language does not become an obstacle to gaining new knowledge.

We have a developed system for exchanging experience within the team. Every day TeamLead holds meetings with the team, where they discuss the results of advertising campaigns, and the whole team shares their experience, so all specialists get the experience of the entire company. It's like a collective mind when knowledge can be obtained from different niches and sources daily.

With what level of knowledge do we hire specialists?

Usually, these are specialists with Google advertising experience. We pay special attention to the desire to learn and the analytical mindset. To do this, each new employee is tested before we make a hiring decision.

How much time do you spend working with one product?

It depends on what stage of development the product is at. If it was just launched, it would require much more focus than a product with a long sales history. But as a rule, at least one hour a day is allocated for one ASIN.

What are the achievements of our team?

We have many successful cases. Our portfolio includes:
More than 30 bestseller products.
Many successful launches from scratch.
Revitalization of products that were considered unsellable.
We also received the status of official partners of Amazon and Google, which allows us to be the first to receive advanced analytics, insiders, and training.

Do you use advertising optimization software?

We use our software to collect semantics, create a setup, and indicate moments that require focus. In other cases, we prefer manual management of advertising campaigns.

How often do personnel change in our agency?

We have a meager turnover rate. The priority is for PPC specialists and other company members to work with us for a long time, affecting the efficiency of working with customers' goods.

We take a very detailed approach to the recruiting process. Each new employee undergoes in-depth PPC training and continues to learn throughout the entire work period, adapting to all Amazon changes on time. Currently, no employee has a level below Middle in the team exists.

What is the key for us when working with customers' goods?

The most important thing for us is efficiency. Each product may have its own business goals, and we must achieve them by working with the product. When analyzing sales performance, we primarily focus on TACOS (total sales to advertising costs) since we are more interested in the overall sales performance and not just the advertising performance.

90% of our clients get better ACOS with our PPC management
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