How We Boosted Amazon Sales in the Kitchen & Dining Category: An Agency Case Study

Results for January 2024:

  • Total Sales: A substantial increase of 46.25% was observed.
  • Ad-Driven Sales: An increase of 26.40%, validating the effectiveness of our advertising strategies.
  • ACoS (Advertising Cost of Sales): Improved by 0.55 percentage points, indicating a reduction in advertising expenses relative to profit.
  • TACoS (Total Advertising Cost of Sales): Decreased by 2.79 percentage points, reflecting higher overall advertising investment efficiency
Tasked with maximizing sales outcomes for a client in the competitive kitchen and dining category on Amazon, our agency took on the challenge of not just standing out, but achieving sustainable sales growth and brand recognition. Known for its competitive nature, the kitchen accessories space demanded a strategy that would differentiate and yield consistent growth.
Actions Taken:

  1. Product Listings Audit: We conducted a thorough analysis and optimization of the client's product listings, improving SEO metrics and content appeal.
  2. Strategic Budget Planning: The advertising budget was adjusted to favor the most effective keywords and campaigns.
  3. Intensive Use of Amazon PPC: We experimented with various ad formats to increase visibility and drive targeted traffic.
  4. Feedback and Review Analysis: Continuous collection of customer feedback helped improve products and enhance their ratings.
  5. Seasonal Campaign Optimization: We leveraged seasonal trends for effective promotional campaigns to boost sales during peak periods.


Through our efforts, the client achieved not only an impressive increase in sales but also strengthened their Amazon presence. A data and audience-focused approach enabled our client to stand out among competitors and set new benchmarks for success in the kitchen and dining category.

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