What’s Working Now in Amazon Advertising

What’s Working Now in Amazon Advertising

Attention all entrepreneurs and marketers! Are you looking to scale your Amazon PPC advertising campaigns and boost your sales and profits? Join us for an exciting webinar on "What's Working Now in Amazon Advertising" with Michael Erickson Facchin, a leader in the Amazon marketing industry.
As the founder of Ad Badger, Michael and his team have managed millions of clicks that have led to millions of sales each month. With their innovative Amazon PPC software and resources, they help users save time and money while increasing their revenues and profits.
During the webinar, Michael will share his expertise and insights on the evolving world of Amazon PPC advertising. He'll offer valuable tips and strategies that you can implement to improve your campaigns and achieve better results.
Don't miss out on this opportunity to learn from one of the best in the business. Join us for "What's Working Now in Amazon Advertising" with Michael Erickson Facchin. Register now and take the first step toward success!

Michael Erickson Facchin

CEO Ad Badger

Michael is a leader in the Amazon marketing industry, guiding entrepreneurs and marketers with the tools and knowledge they need to scale their Amazon PPC advertising campaigns.
Rostyslav Dubil
Team Leader PPC Amazon
Our clients have confidence in him as he thoroughly evaluates all possible options and stands fully committed to his strategy when providing suggestions regarding expenditure or opportunities, as an adept Team Leader in Amazon PPC with exceptional leadership abilities.
Alex Tkach
CEO Unitix agency
Alex, the CEO of Unitix Agency. His remarkable comprehension of industry trends and opportunities enables him to provide valuable insights to clients seeking advice. Alex's approach to decision-making is akin to that of a meticulous forensic scientist, and our clients rely on his trustworthy recommendations knowing that he has thoroughly assessed all available options and is fully committed to his strategies.
Episode Highlights
0:19 What does Amazon want? It wants you to send more traffic to your listing.
2:19 How to work with analytics?
6:30 What if your campaigns are getting worse and you can't find the reason?
10:40 Brand analytics
14:11 What are some of the biggest challenges that new sellers face when they start to Amazon PPC?
17:33 What to do if the advertising budget is limited?
21:09 Amazon's ASIN targeting
23:56 What PPC suggestions can you give me to successfully launch my first product on Amazon?
27:25 What are the advantages of having a bigger budget for Amazon advertising, and how can one allocate their budget wisely to maximize their return on investment?
28:14 Which tools do you use to check which words sell organically?
28:45 Which is more important for a successful Amazon PPC campaign - high conversion rates or high click-through rates? And should campaigns without clicks be turned off?
32:47 How can one analyze Sponsored Display campaigns on Amazon when they have more orders than clicks, and what factors should be considered when analyzing these campaigns to increase sales and orders?
36:13 Do you use AI in PPC during setup or daily optimization?
37:12 What's the best way to get a lot of organic reviews?
39:32 What are some recommendations for scaling Amazon PPC campaigns for products with low profit margins and limited budget, when all options have been tried without success and external assistance is not an option?
42:20 Have you got some methods to check the vCPM metrics. do you see any serious danger in organic lowering (due to vCPM)? may it be somehow harmful in long period?
44:35 Do you add as negative exact in phrase campaigns the keywords that you use in exact campaigns?

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