Unlocking Amazon SEO Secrets: Strategies for Success with My Amazon Guy

Unlocking Amazon SEO Secrets: Strategies for Success with My Amazon Guy

Join us for an exciting webinar with renowned expert John Aspinall from My Amazon Guy as we explore interesting SEO hacks, best practices for optimizing product listings, effective techniques for creating impactful bullet points, and more. Discover powerful Amazon SEO tools and unlock the secrets to drive your success on the platform. Don't miss out on this opportunity to take your business to new heights!

John Aspinall

Senior Account Executive My Amazon Guy

At MAG, we specialize in helping brands like yours achieve success through strategic Amazon marketing, mnerchandising and full service management. Here's what we do for you:
→ Building a strong brand on Amazon to scale through effective strategy and compelling management.
→ Elevating your brand's presence on Amazon by leveraging optimized product listings, brand stores, and brand story modules.
→ Harnessing the power of merchandising on Amazon to captivate your ideal customers avatar.
Rostyslav Dubil
Team Leader PPC Amazon
Our clients have confidence in him as he thoroughly evaluates all possible options and stands fully committed to his strategy when providing suggestions regarding expenditure or opportunities, as an adept Team Leader in Amazon PPC with exceptional leadership abilities.
Alex Tkach
CEO Unitix agency
Alex, the CEO of Unitix Agency. His remarkable comprehension of industry trends and opportunities enables him to provide valuable insights to clients seeking advice. Alex's approach to decision-making is akin to that of a meticulous forensic scientist, and our clients rely on his trustworthy recommendations knowing that he has thoroughly assessed all available options and is fully committed to his strategies.
Episode Highlights
0:02:17 What are some interesting SEO hacks for Amazon that you can share?
0:04:33 What are some effective ways to create title and bullet points for product listings?
0:06:05 What is the proper way to insert keywords into a product listing's text? Should they be exact matches or can they be broken up into parts? Does adding an "s" at the end of a word impact its effectiveness as a keyword?
When inserting keywords into the backend of a listing, should the most frequent keywords be used or those that didn't make it into the main semantic field?
0:27:50 If ad campaigns cannibalise organic sales, what is the best course of action? Is it better to disable keywords in the ads or continue to support low-performing ads?
0:31:28 If ad performance is good but organic sales are less than 20%, what can be done from an SEO perspective assuming indexing is fine?
0:37:51 A/B testing
0:39:37 What are some effective Amazon SEO tools? Which ones are considered to be the most efficient?
0:40:10 Chat GPT
0:40:15 Ask ANY Amazon question.

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