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Join our upcoming seminar and learn how to effectively reach your target audience and increase your return on investment through Amazon's programmatic advertising platform, Amazon DSP. During the webinar, we will cover the basics of Amazon DSP, its features and benefits, and how to create a successful advertising campaign using Amazon DSP. You will also learn about the different targeting options, bidding strategies, and analytics available on the platform, as well as the most common problems encountered when working with Amazon DSP and how to overcome them. This seminar is suitable for both small and large businesses and marketers and advertising professionals looking to optimize their digital advertising efforts on Amazon. Register now to secure your spot and take the first step towards more efficient and effective advertising on the world's largest online marketplace.

Chris Brewer
Co-Founder of OMG Commerce
Chris Brewer is the Co-Founder of OMG Commerce. He has consulted with hundreds of eCommerce brands during his 14 years leading OMG Commerce.
Austin Chambers
Amazon DSP specialist team
Austin Chambers has quickly risen to the top of our Amazon DSP specialist team. Clients often ask questions about trends, opportunities, and more, and Austin always speaks with tremendous insight into what's working and where we can see potential growth. Austin is like a forensic scientist. Our clients trust him because they know when he makes recommendations about spend or opportunities, he has weighed all of the options and is 100% behind his strategy.
Abbey Waterworth
Amazon DSP Account Manager for OMG Commerce
She has a strong background in data analysis which makes her a perfect fit for DSP campaigns.
Rostyslav Dubil
Team Leader PPC Amazon
Our clients have confidence in him as he thoroughly evaluates all possible options and stands fully committed to his strategy when providing suggestions regarding expenditure or opportunities, as an adept Team Leader in Amazon PPC with exceptional leadership abilities.
Alex Tkach
CEO Unitix agency
Alex, the CEO of Unitix Agency. His remarkable comprehension of industry trends and opportunities enables him to provide valuable insights to clients seeking advice. Alex's approach to decision-making is akin to that of a meticulous forensic scientist, and our clients rely on his trustworthy recommendations knowing that he has thoroughly assessed all available options and is fully committed to his strategies.