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For seller was hard to believe that photo content could be so important that it would influence the sales so strongly

Next, according to the account history statistics, the numbers were gradually but steadily declining after the start.
Plus advertising didn't work for quite a long time, so the idea to transfer the product to another account was relevant.

Having the task to test the advertising traffic, after the test period and trying different approaches and strategies - the results remained unsatisfactory.

After analyzing the situation we came to the conclusions:
1) yet the photocontent, in comparison with the main competitors in the niche, in respect of the color scheme looked too faded and clearly losing - and worth paying attention to this;
2) based on the account history and the constant deterioration of the figures, no ads for a long time - to transfer the product to another account.

So we agreed on the actions mentioned above. A week after the transfer of the product to a new account and working on photocontent, improved performance was achieved, in particular, a conversion rate increased by 4 times.

Never forget to explore alternative solutions to your challenges.

And one of the aspects that should not be excluded is the listing design.
This is not the only case in our practice where ads worked completely ineffectively because of untested photo content.

Please find attached a screenshot of BSR of this product, where you can clearly see the change in indicators after the transfer of the product and updating the photo content.


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